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VIX Team Vu+ Duo Image v1.2 NFI

VIX Team Vu+ Duo Image v1.2 USB

Based on Official 5.3 Image

Enigma: 04-10-2010-experimental.
Enigma Plugins: 04-10-2010.
GCC Version: 4.4.3.

Team VIX Enhancements

All the same Enhancements as the previous image, along with some extra enhancements, as listed below...

New Enhancements in v1.2
VIX Duo 1.2 Bootlogos, Radio Logos and Shutdown Logos.
Softcam Manager completely re-written to allow users to add any softcams that are not currently available in the plugins server. If a script is not necessary, then you can just copy the binary file over to /usr/softcam/. This will allow you to use the binary. If you need a script, then andy will explain how to do it . Also, with the new softcam manager, softcams will start in the order in which you add them to the autostart. So, if you want ***** and ***** to autostart, if you add ***** first, then *****, ***** will always start before ***** (basically, pointless ). So, make sure you add them in the correct order!. Also, some users need ****** to update entitlements (and other similar cam usage might be required). So now, if you want to stop a cam, the autocam checker will not check for stopped cams. For example, if you stop any autostarted cams, then start ****** (or whichever cam is not autostarted) manually, this will stay running until you either manually stop it and start the required cams, or restart your box.
Added more softcams into feeds. (scam.3.59, ****.2.25, sbox.
Added some softcam scripts into feeds (still requires testing further). mbox, mbox-sbox, mbox-sbox-*****, *****-mbox-sbox.
New device manager - completely re-wrote to work better in the image. Swap partitions are no longer handled by device manager.
New swap manager - completely re-wrote to work better in the image. Swap partitions are read and handled by swap manager. Also, to ensure stability in swap creation, swap files have been limited to 64mb.
New image manager - completely re-wrote to allow it to work on both the solo and duo.
New IPK Installer, just copy your .ipk fle into '/tmp' and go the menu option.
Crossepg now moved in to the VIX menu. Also, crossepg has been updated to the latest version (svn 113).
Updated CoolTVGuide to version 2.10, but with our own code rewrite, it now launches 3x quicker than the original. this will be the last version that vix will have built in to the image, as great as the plugin is it is just getting slow, ViX is going to start again at the beginning with GrphMultiEPG and build it back up with only the needed features that does not slow down the plugin. when this is done you will still be able to download CoolTVGuide from our feeds of you wish you use it.
Updated AutoTimer blue button, now creates the timer for you as well, no need to manually run AutoTimer update to get the timer added.
Updated AutoTimer background check, as default it now only checks for new timers whilst in Standby. you can turn this off in settings.
Updated VIX Team Vu_HD+ Skin.
Update SingleEPG you can scroll through the channels using Channel Up/Down buttons on your remote
Added Ghost HD skin.
Added Panic Button - Goes to channel number 1 in your channel list and clears browsing history
Many other enhancements under the hood to ensure a smoother image .

Bug Fixes in v1.2
Autotimer :- A modified version is used, with many bug fixes. The main bug fix is sometimes AutoTimer would sometimes not find events. ie. AutoTimer would find an event 'The Apprentice' on BBC1, but not find the same event on BBC HD.
Dmconcinnity-HD skin bug in Information About screen

Button Mappings
Short Red - Show current event info.
Long Red - Show current channel EPG info.
Short Green - Timers.
Long Green - AutoTimer Timers.
Short Yellow - EPG Search.
Long Yellow - IMDB Database. < --- Currently not working - read Known Bugs
Short Blue - Extensions.
Long Blue - Plugins Menu.
EPG - Opens the Cool TV EPG plugin

Known Bugs
IMDB Plugin not working correctly - This is a problem with the original plugin, and as soon as an update is posted which fixes this, it will be made available via an online update...
Motor moving image does not display - Problem with main driver, reported to VU+.
Front VFD display showing the play button at the end of a video unless it is stopped manually - Problem with main driver, reported to VU+.
ECM time on second info bar in skin is not currently shown - New version of ***** needed for OE1.6. ( fix is unstable).
Installing other skins may cause the box to get into an infinite loop. Only skins in the feed are tested and recommended by us. If you want to use other skins, you will need to use OE1.6 skins (i.e. those created for VTI 2.0 or later), and may need adapting for the image (espcially in terms of the ***** info displaying on the second info bar)...
Special thanks for help in testing the softcam scripts:

Raikkok & Superplakis


Loading Screen:

Starting Enigma2 Screen:

Radio Screen:

Shutdown Screen:

About Screen:

Info Bar:

2nd Info Bar:


Cool EPG:

Cross EPG:

VIX Menu:

Software Manager:

Swap Manager:

IPKG Installer:

Image Backup:

Devices Manager: